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MSRplans is branching out to the cannabis industry! Over 500 companies have raised hundreds of millions of dollars after relying on our team of experts to write or review their financing proposals. Having decades of experience in a variety of disciplines that are all essential to the preparation and presentation of effective financing documentation, our staff will be able to help you finish your business plan to your complete satisfaction.

Diversified industry testimonials

I read over the Business Plan. I have to say it is in fact the best plan I have read so far. Very detailed with picture inserts. I can't see any faults within the plan. Very professional. I take my hat off to you. Thank you.
Tommy Hardaway
Brickhouse Storage

Like always you did a beautiful job. It’s excellent, thank you again. You are amazing... a class act.
Max Goldstein

They went well beyond our expectations! Great job done by all! Highly recommend others to use this very professional service!
Michael Moses
MVM Research & Development

(...), you will not cut corners and that is why I keep coming back to you.
Ryan Janeway
medipro direct

We are very pleased with their work. They raised the bar in their area of expertise and took professional, courteous and knowledgeable to the next level. A fine job!
Liz Grayson
medipro direct

I looked at various plan writers but first wanted to build an accurate financial model to design the plan around and then to package a Private Placement Memo to go out and seek capital through accredited investors to fund the project. There were few, if any, organizations that would be able to integrate all of these components into a comprehensive business plan.

MSRPlans worked to develop a detailed financial model, identify potential markets and competetors, culminating in a detailed business plan of approximately 70 pages. The plan has been reviewed by a dozen or so prospects and several of those offered feedback that the plan was very well done, detailed and professional - this is from people that have read and reviewed a significant number of business plans in their everyday course of business of which I believe stands as the highest endorsement of the MSRPlans final product.